In the library, with a kettle

Sat 15 May 2010 12:32
33:24N 45:22W
6.1 Kts under Motor
North Westerly Swell 4-5 Metres
830 Nautical Miles to Horta
Bumpy night last night. Quartering waves on a confused sea pitching the stern up violently. My library fell on me as I slept begining with Isabelle Allende and finishing, with a good thump, courtesy of Reeds Almanac. Luckily the concussing Complete Sailing Manual stayed put.
Meanwhile Tom ended up with the top of the cooker and the kettle on his bunk. In this weather using the toilet is life threatening and donning socks, while necessary, is suicidal. I keep hitting my shins and my swellings are now swollen.
Expecting weather again on Sunday.Thankfully our forecasting has been very accurate.
We managed to skirt the worst of the weather and have altered course, back on track to Azores now and making good progress. Its cold though, in this northerly wind and tomorrow I am definitely changing from North Face to Musto.
Some squalls and rain today. Morale was low for a while today but a few squares of chocolate soon sorted that out. Talk has now turned to the Azores and Peters Bar as we count down the miles. Dinner below deck again tonight.
Guilia has sent a request that we return Flanno with less weight and more hair. We have one half under control but I am not sure the hair is where Guilia wants it. Flanno measures his facial hair daily with a sliding vernier calipers. Joey, who now decidedly looks like action man (evil eye) tests his by licking it every 23 seconds.
Tom and I had packed beards already.
Joey thinks he's ahead on the bread. Big is not necessarily beautiful Joe.