Peniche to Madeira Day 4

Fri 7 Nov 2008 17:42

Position 35:46.250N 013:50.855W

Friday November 7th


Wind NE Force 1

Sea State Calm

Visibility Good

Heading 218 T°

Under: Motor (1800 rpm) and Main

Speed 6.2 Kts


Wind has dropped completely which makes it quite lonely out here. I have decided to drop the genoa and start the engine, we have plenty of diesel and there is not much of a pick up forecast.


The moon has just dropped out of a low band of cloud like an egg being laid. It is dark yellow in colour and sits on the horizon creating a golden avenue on the calm sea like the left side of the Champs Elysees at night when the French head lamps glowed a different yellow to everybody elses. It really feels like you should follow it. Maybe theres a junction ahead with a road on which Dorothy and the Tin Man travel.


Stick with the compass.


The moon has gone now and the low lying cloud makes it impossible to make out where the sea stops and the sky starts. It takes a bit of working out to differentiate between one low lying star and a distant ships light.


In bed there is so little motion, the sea is just whispering on the hull.


So calm now in the day time and very hot. We have stopped three times to investigate sea turtles and a whale (unidentified). I guess we probably pass these creatures all the time but in the mirror like water you can see them from quite a distance.


Photos: Ursula wakes up; Calm dawn; Cruising chute back in action


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