FW: La Coruna to Camarinas 3

Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:27



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Sent: 02 October 2008 17:21
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Subject: La Coruna to Camarinas 3



Position 43:21.40N 009:01.290W

Tuesday Sep 30th


Wind N Force 6

Sea State 1-2m

Visibility Good

Heading 242 T°

Under: 1 reef main full genoa

Speed 7.2 Kts



Wind turbines, wind turbines, wind turbines. Looks like they could generate enough power here to run a hospital in Ireland.

The entire coast, as far as the eye can see, is one big wind farm. It’s impressive and looks well against the rugged terrain. Wind has picked up and I have decided to test DuoGen again. Seems to be behaving reasonably well. I have loosened one of the screws so it can pivot more easily in the wave action. It is generating 10+ amps at the moment and I have turned on the nav lights and the RADAR to see how it copes with the draw on power. RADAR likes to depower itself when not on screen which is OK as it rests in standby. This alleviates one of my worries for the ARC. On the Biscay passage we had to run the motor at low revs to use RADAR. DuoGen was then operating in wind mode. Water mode is a lot more efficient.


Tin of sardines in olive oil open on the seat, glass of water in a coil of rope, baguette, knife and plenty of wind. Perfect.


Have to come head to wind to lift DuoGen out of the water on my own. It is floating off to one side a little. Must adjust diving plane on arrival in port. Heavier line would also help grip.


Ruaidhri Prendergast


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