Land in Sight

Fri 21 May 2010 09:45
38:23N 29:02W
21.4 N Miles from Horta
Wind N F4
Speed 7 kts
ETA 3 Hours
Theres a sharp nip in the northerly tonight. Even the half moon looks freezing. This northerly has been a friend to us, however, the past couple of days and has kept us sailing at 7 knots when we expected to be motoring at 5. We needed an average of 6 to get in in daylight and before costoms and immigration close but it looks like we will be there around midday local time.
Last night at sea tonight before the Azores. Joey spotted land at 0410. Time to plan our stopover with regard to provisioning, minor repairs and of course some fun. Finally we will get to see other people. The plan is to send Flanno and Tom off to find laundry, gas and a good tatoo parlour while Joey and I look after Cerys who has looked after us so well these past weeks.
After that its steak washed down with wine, washed down with beer. Tomorrow we can find out whats happening in the world. Tomorrow, we probably wont care.
Landfall has arrived just in time to check us at the dawn of our delerium. We will be at sea 20 days to the hour. Minor halucinations and twitching are probably normal. It will be interesting to see how they react to the love boat and 4 bearded ladies aboard.
We appear to have a yacht 6 miles north of us making the same course and speed. I wonder if it is anyone we know, Orchestra and Executive should be arriving around now also. This is the first yacht we have seen since leaving St Martin waters.
Finally got the sextant out yesterday. After a few near blindings and false readings we managed to make quite an accurate stab at our position.
Ships time change again today as we have passed 30 degrees.
Boot show was a spectacular sight
Some rugged, some pansy, some light
Joes turn heads in the park
Flannos glow in the dark
Tom and I have one left and one right