Strange Dusk

Sun 7 Dec 2008 12:01

Position: 15:24.501N 042:42.670W


We had the strangest light at dusk this evening. We were bathed in a surreal yellow light, it seemed to radiate from us and the boat, giving high contrast images but with no glare and making us all appear very tanned. To the west the setting sun was masked by heavy cloud, to the east the blue sky of daytime lingering longer than he should above a steely blue and crystal clear skirting. It was like filtered tungsten light with a frequency I had never encountered. Ominous and monstrous we did not know what to expect. The sea had turned a purple brown and blue veins of rain surrounded us at 8 miles.


The wind began to die so we motored and went below for dinner and stomach cramps, provided, not by the food, but by the storytelling of Jeanot Petch as re recounted tales that included such colourful characters as Mad Mickey and Mahogany Tim.


We arrived at the front door of one of the squall clouds and after a welcome of down pouring rain, we entered. Heeling as the wind increased Cerys now in the hallway, passed through the living room, the kitchen and was kicked with a firm boot into the back yard. The momentum carried us for some distance across the patio and then dropped us in flat calm water.

We were alone and surrounded again by wind pilfering cloud. This time  dark, to the east towered white cumulous above which a cold and very black sky was pricked by stars. They shone with a light, intense, as though no atmosphere separated us. To the south relatively low lying cumulus containing sheet lightening which revealed, to us voyeurs, with each flash, its ribcage and internal organs.

To the west, in our path, another huge cloud but this time black, balanced precariously on the flat surface of the large half moon as it floated just above the horizon and light our way. Motoring again. It was so strange to see the seas so flat out here,I didn’t get a chance to turn on the iPod. My watch was over.



Sent to Pegasus


When Pegasus came into view

We didn’t know what to do

We gybed to the west

Doing our best

and hoped to keep up with her crew



Received from Pegasus


When Cerys was seen back afloat

We thought "There's that Irish boat!"

She took a dig to the north

Then back to the south

We're sure she was pulling a hoax