Life Aboard Cerys

Thu 27 Nov 2008 16:43

Position: 21:39.433N 020:18.197W


Our international community is doing quite well aboard Cerys. We have representatives from France, North America, South America and Cashel.


We are running three hour watches which means 3 on 9 off. If you are on at 0300 then back at 1500 etc. We have all gotten used to watches and sleep patterns and all getting along extremely well which would make boring big brother TV.


During daytime watches we have plenty of company as everyone is awake but at night being totally on your own is a welcome contrast. Plenty of time to think, listen to music and watch the stars. There is little or no traffic to worry about.


Last night was crystal clear and the stars shone brightly. The phosphorescence glowed blue green from under the hull, but astern it created the appearance of a minute electrical storm, fireworking continually. We have the usual small particles but once every couple of seconds a mini underwater explosion of light shines through, sometimes quite delayed, 15 metres behind.


We create 2 wakes of light, one the rudder and the second the towed water generator as Cerys caresses the surface of the atlantic. We are enjoying the show tonight just me and Iggy Pop. As I change to the smashing pumpkins the phosphorescence seems more choreographed.


Domestic arrangements are working quite well.


Jeannot had hoped to loose a couple of pounds but we are eating extremely well. We have rostered a day cooking and a separate day cleaning and, although barely perceptible, there seems to be a compeditive tone to lunch preparation with presentation scoring highly. Tom has opted to take on Jeannots cleaning duties to avoid cooking.


Ursula has made up snack packs for each of us on the trip. Bags are ziplocked, named and contain heat sealed smaller plastic bags with nuts, lollipops, chocolate etc. Each bag is still pretty full but I can imagine a mini commodity market in due course.


We have fresh bread daily and will soon finish our fresh meat after which we move on to tinned or dried. This should make the competition easier. There is no alcohol being consumed although we have a bottle of Tattinger Compte de Champagne 1995 and a Chateau La Lagune, Grand Cru Classe Haut Medoc 1978 for company. They will not survive.


So three weeks with no showers no problem. Three weeks without booze, we will have to see how that one pans out.


At last we have some time on our hands. The last month to six weeks we have been flat out with hardly time to email.

Yesterday I got 3 months filing done.


The wind is just starting to pick up today NE F5-6. An area of low pressure NW of us is disrupting the trade winds so we continue S towards Cape Verdes just NW of there we hope to be able to turn right. This is not the direct (great circle route) and is 200 miles longer. Slack winds and possibly head winds on the great circle route make this the best option. Out of 2700 miles we have 2400 to go.


Cerys is moving along nicely now at 5.5-7 Kts we had something caught under her (we think) which had not helped performance up to now.



Unfortunately I seem to be unable to update any pics through our satellite linkup so we will broadcast them later. For the moment we will at least keep our position updated.