Kinsale to La Coruna

Thu 18 Sep 2008 11:29

Position 49:52.1N 008:05.812W

Thursday Sep 18th


Wind SE Force 2-3

Heading 180 T°

Motor and Mainsail

Speed 6.5 Kts

<<...>> Bright night last night. Three hour watches through the night. I had sun down and dawn. Lovely sunrise. Lots of Dolphins sighted. Tom saw meteors on his watch. Some fishing vessels little shipping. Getting used to RADAR and tracking vessels  with MARPA. No vessels sighted on my watch 21h00-00h00. Speed 6.8 kts @ 12000 revs. Weather still very calm. We are carrying a lot for diesel but not sure if we have enough to finish the trip at this rate. I have calculated we are short about 5-8 hours worth. Need some wind.


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