ARC Start

Wed 26 Nov 2008 09:09

Today is the day.


Very nervous this morning 218 boats leaving the marina at the same time is a little unnerving. Luckily I have had good manoeuvring practise queuing for the fuel dock.


Nice NE breeze at the line which is between a Navy ship and the  west shore of Las Palmas. Too many boats for me to manage the start so I have handed the helm to Jeannot.


We were in the first 10 boats across the line and in the thick of it. Adrenaline high and pumped higher by Ursulas screams. We were pushed up and managed to squeeze through.Unfortunately we had a better start then the big boats so as they overtook us we lost the wind for about 3 minutes. Glad to be out the other side and still in the nhead of the pack nice to look back on the otherfs but we will take it easy now. As spinnakers fly, flap and twist around forestays we are settling down and headed south towards the Cap Verdes where we will turn west when we pick up the trades.


As night falls the fleet has scattered and we are doing up to eight knmots. One racing boat has covered 60 miles in 4 hours.