Lisbon Bound

Tue 25 May 2010 14:53
37:45N 26:24W
After a tough couple of days ashore, arm wrestling, scooting, swimming, visiting and generally making a nuisance of ourselves we are glad to be back on the water. All very tired, there is a lot of sleeping going on. At 1700, after clearing customs, we left in squally and wet conditions but the temperature has changed and the wind died down in the lee of the island.
First night back at sea and cruising along the south coast of the island of Pico dominated by a large volcano. We are just off the coast and the sea bed is 1000 metres below. Just ahead among these 1000 metre depths is one point of 12 metres where there is obviously a volcano trying to be an island. Warnings on the chart show volcanic activity and rapidly changing depths, best avoided.
To the north I can jsst make out Sao Jorge trying to peak out from behind Pico and Terceira west of that. This archepeligo is over 200 miles long.
We spotted 4 fin whales just off the coast at dusk and altered course towards them. They stayed around for 20 minutes and then moved on.
For company now we have a Dutch liner to starboard meandering along obviously trying not to reach its destination till morning. A small pod of dolphin are appearing every now and again out of nowhere frightening me each time in the darkness.