Halloween in Peniche

Mon 3 Nov 2008 13:26

Position 39:22.115N 009:22.559W

Monday  November 3rd


Still in Peniche.


Got in just in time before the storm last week. We recorded wind of 58.8 kts, we were quite exposed along with 5 other boats on a small pontoon in the fishing port. I purchased new fenders in a fishing shop as Cerys was being squeezed tightly. Wild One was just behind us.


This is a big fishing community and our berth here is made uncomfortable by the regular wash of returning fishing boats. Each boat is welcomed back to port by a siren that signals the arrival of fresh fish and thus the market opening. These sirens sound all day and into the night. As the first boat home gets the best prices the 4knot speed limit is unenforceable. While the siren heralds the markets opening to some, and a few days hard work finished to others, to us it  warns of wash.


Many of the boats carry a 25 ft secondary boat with its bow hooked up over the transom of the mother ship, its stern in the water. As the fishing boats round up for the port. One crew clambers into this second boat and then a lot of chain is heard clanking as they release him under full steam. He then gathers his chain and eventually motors off somewhere else. Its rather alarming the first time you see it.


We have been here for a week now with the wild two. Matt is an electronic engineer and worked for the BBC. After dinner aboard Cerys our first night here he offered to have a look at our electrical system for us as we were having some power problems. This eventually led to us changing our domestic batteries, rewiring all other batteries to each other with switches to act as backups and installing a battery monitor. With the help of Noo Noo in the electronics shop and Mats garden shed of tools aboard Wild One we got the job done but it did take a while and more time and effort than either Matt and I had anticipated.


I now have tools that I never heard of before and am quite comfortable wiring up anything on board. Matt has taught me a lot although he was unable to help me understand that 12.2Volts is half of 12.8. Thanks Matt.


While dining aboard Wild One with Matt and Annie a Beneteau 50, Pegasus arrived. Also and ARC boat, Anthony was installing battery switches and monitors also. It’s all the rage here.


Cerys hosted a Halloween party on the 31st and we had Glenn and Cherril aboard with the regulars and the ships rat.


Matt and Annie left today. We enjoyed their company very much. Thanks for everything.

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