Keeping Fit

Sat 6 Dec 2008 18:03

Position 15:30.509N 040:55.803W


Sails up again. We motored through the night as wind had died on us and we have set mileage targets each day to try and get us in by the 16th, 1165 miles to go. We all had a great nights sleep, the continuous hum of the engine makes a cheerful change from the sporadic banging about we have been experiencing for the last few days. With each bang comes the deductive process of trying to figure out what part of the rigging, loose cargo or breakage made that particular din. The sea is calmer now and under engine the the low level of clattering that occurs is muffled by 55 horsepower of Volvo Penta. So its turn up the sound and go to sleep, Tom was happy to get a sleep last night without being attacked by the rebel lemons that reside in a net over his bunk. It is still very hot at night though and shorts and a tee shirt without shoes is enough even at 3am. The temperature varies very little between night and day. 28 degrees at present and water temperature 26.5.



We had been expecting a tropical depression to affect us last night but I think weather forecasting is 24 hours behind us. The severe winds we had the previous night, from the depression and the 35 knots on Wednesday is what was expected for Thursday..


At the end of the day were out here anyway and no forecast is going to change that, there’s no running for shelter, although we could, with enough advance warning put ourselves on the right side of a storm. The other thing that is odd is no matter what way we turn there are no obstacles so without looking at any charts we can alter course any way we want. Our navigation really is just to go in the right general direction and make the fastest course possible under the given wind situation.


Our clothes washing machine is operating well. It consists of a bucket attached to the guardrails, water and detergent. Just add clothes and leave for 12 hours. The motion of the boat is enough to remove even Jeanots tomato sauce stains. We have also discovered ways of making better use of clothes. For example, shirts, simply align the buttons and the holes differently each day and you will regularly find a clean patch under your armpit.


Our daily workout lasts 24 hours and covers all major muscle groups depending on what you are doing. Even sitting is like being on one of those big balls, constantly working your abdomen and back muscles to stay in relative synchronisation with your surroundings. Hamstrings get a good stretch when working in the galley as toes are braced against the presses, bottom against the companionway and upper body stretching for oysters, caviar, foie gras etc. Sleep does not arrest this continuous fitness regime and I hold on with my left arm while I sleep, my feet are constantly moving from side to side and my tongue must also migrate as I seem to bite it during the night to keep it in place. This does not make for a comfortable breakfast.


We had intruders last night and would not have known only they left their scales on the console. We have bagged the evidence and will contact the flying squad on arrival in St. Lucia.


Limerick emailed to Blue Tarn Yesterday


Blue Tarn is a Nicholson Boat

That keeps Michael and Tony afloat

They are only two in a hull that is blue

And decisions are put to a vote


And received in reply


There is a fine yacht called Cerys

Where Ruadhri and Ursula's home is

They are going to Chile

Which might sound silly

But that's where Ursula's mum is.