Log Tuesday

Tue 25 Nov 2008 12:52

Position: 24:42.498 N 017:29.527 W

Time 11h37      

Course: 220 T

Wind: NE F3

Under: Cruising Chute and Main

Sea: 1M

Speed 4.2


Wind dropped to F1 last night and we can see on our weather charts better wind about 60-80 miles ahead we have decided to motor for the night both to keep mileage up and to try and get into this zone.


Sailed alongside a triamaran this afternoon very close. Around us there are still a few ARC boats on the horizon.


Passed 3 yachts while under motor. We log our motoring hours and miles covered and this is taken into consideration when calculating our placing.


The yacht we passed this am obviously didn’t realise we were motoring and awoke his crew to hoist gennaker and trim all sails. Who says we are not compeditive


We can barely make out Mollyhawk Shadow on VHF they cannot hear us.I think they are trying to contact us their only compatriots.



fruit stowage

Yacht we passed this am