Porto Santo to Quinto do Lorde

Sun 9 Nov 2008 17:42

Position 32:55.526N 016:30.534W

Sunday November 9th


Wind E Force 6

Sea State 2-3M

Visibility Good

Heading 218 T°

Under: 2 Reefs in Main and Storm Jib

Speed 5.1 Kts


Decided to leave today for Madeira

There is 30 kts of wind blowing us on to the pontoon. If we can get off we will go. There appears to be more wind in harbor than at sea. The French catamaran beside us are unable to leave.


Made it but barely.


Good day to test out our storm Jib and 3rd reef and try heaving to etc.


One hour out the Cat seems to have managed to exit the port and i9s gaining on us quickly. I called them on VHF to ask them to take photos of Cerys as we have none under sail.


We are moving quite slowly as we have the storm jib up (about 4.5 kts) these guys are able to circle us a number of times as we move along, they must be doing 10-12 kts.


I find out later on its an ex racing boat and averaged 10 kts on her trip from France. Got the photos.


Arrived in Quinta do Lorde. Welcomed by Michael and Tony of Blue Tarn whom we have not seen since Pavoa de Varzim. Pint tonight so!


Fantastic Marina. Showers like a 5 star hotel and a laundry with industrial machines. They are building a hotel here with houses etc, huge project 100’s of millions. We are about 25K from Funchal, theCapital.


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