Cerys Pie

Sat 29 May 2010 11:51
38:27N 15:13W
272 N Miles to Lisbon
Still motoring
Wind only 4 knots tonight, its cloudy and mild and a full moon hides behind a thin layer of cloud.
As I poured my meusli this morning I took a quick glance around the devestation that is our saloon around the 0600 mark. >From the galley where I stood I could see Joey working at the log on the chart table and the other two, semi clad, and in fits of sleep. This tightly canned harmony was like the four of us had moved into a student bedsit circa 1985. I even had a mild dose of bedsit back (which comes from high quality bedding in such accommodations). Thankfully however we do not have the lingering cabbage odour, which existed in all bedsits, even if cabbage had never been cooked there.
Today was the day Cerys Pie was invented. Masterchef Joe Kenny (2 Michelin Jellyfish) produced a fantastic, large and wholesome feast wrapped in crunchy pastry with "Cerys Pie" in thick crispy Tahoma lettering. It was almost a shame to eat it.
Today we spotted:
1 Great White Shark, thankfully headed west.
1 Blue Whale
Also something with very sharp teeth ate through our wire trace on the fishing line.