More Limericks

Fri 28 May 2010 12:09
38:14N 18:03W
Speed 6.5 Kts
Motor Sail
406 N Miles to Lisbon
Full moon would cut the eyes o' you tonight. We have a yacht at five miles astern. We have been motoring now for 75 hours non stop. Just no wind. Passing thousands of unidentified life forms in the water which we have christened Pineapple Fish...Plants. No idea what they are, maybe we are the first to discover them.
Flanno is terribly busy on some secret project that he wont let me see. He seems to have a colouring book and is busy filling in with markers. Maybe he is just embarassed. He has come in very handy though with regard to predicting weather. It appears his leg is much more sensitive to change than our ships barometer. Today he predicts  - Fair.
Someones armpits woke them up on time for their shift this morning. We wont say who - but this could be a mini shower day.
Underway by the light of the moon
Whistling a merry old tune
the nights kind of creepy
we are all very sleepy
And hoping for landfall quite soon
Flannos colouring in his black book
He hides it and wont let me look
I'll nick it tonight
to read at first light
He won't even know it got took
Beards are growing quite well indeed
Looks like Tom, and then me in the lead
Flannos gingery red
Joes is black as I said
They catch food for a middle night feed