Draft Dodgers

Fri 14 May 2010 11:46
32:51N 47:59W
Wind W F5
Heavy Swell, Rain and Squalls
Altered course due south yesterday, away from our destination, in order to try and skirt under some nasty weather that is sending some heavy swell down on us. The trailing edge of this system may well lie in our easterly path today but we will hopefully have dodged the worst of the draft.
Our current course is giving us five miles of ground for every six sailed. We do still expect a bit of a blow later today  but we will be good and ready for it with everything stowed bimini taken down and reefed early. Cerys will handle it well. I only touch wood on board.
The swell is making life on board a little bit tougher. Sleep is more elusive and the angle of the peeing arc in the toilet has altered substantially, there are many misses. Cerys is steering an S, like a drunk on a push bike.
Spotting shipping now on a more regular basis. We have a long line of thick squalls accompanying us to the south. A very different sunset last night, less pretty, more striking. Stars gave a good display and the wind turned southerly. This is a damper breeze, the northerlies, colder and drier.
These depressions have presented themselves at much lower latitudes than expected. I am glad now of our decision not to make landfall in Bermuda, we could still be there.
Salty suits pineapple, we are down to our last tomato. I have great plans for it - my day in the galley.
The bread wars took an unexpected turn today as Flanno extracted a golden crust from the oven. Oddly, my hard earned meusli disappeared at the same time.
Crust broken, mystery solved. Behold my sacred meusli in Flannos loaf!
The foulest expletives accompanied the de-heeling of this oaty creation and Flanno was forced under maratime law to acredit me with 20% of the success.
Another morning battle draws closed, my mind encrusted with strategies for tomorrows struggle. Kneading a plan for the quickening. This yeast will rise again in triumph.
The bread war's a dirty old fight
We strategise right through the night
in this battle at least
our soldiers just yeast
Winning loaf will be crusty and light