Port Antonio, Jamaica

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Mon 29 Feb 2016 21:07
18:10.90N  76:27.30W

We had a frustrating overnight sail from Haiti with the wind directly behind us which is never great. We tried sailing a higher angle but the swell was big and the wind light which meant the boom and main sail were banging around. It should really have been a spinnaker run but we had already decided to sail overnight so that we didn't arrive in Jamaica in the dark. We did the best we could and eventually gave up and put the engine on for the last couple of hours.

Port Antonio is great, we really like it. We had been told to expect to get hassled by the locals, but once they realised that we were't up for the ganja or a Bob Marley CD they left us alone. We stayed at anchor in the 'Errol Flynn' marina, named after...well that's obvious. He used to live on the small island opposite. This is the 'real Caribbean' as we might have imagined it (Ile a Vache was the 'real Africa' by the way). We got our fix of curried goat and jerk chicken at a road side hut and it was excellent. We went to the market, around the bustling town and made a few more friends on the way. 

The anchorage was totally protected so we gave the job of polishing Alia Vita's hulls to a local couple on a plastic kayak that we had been given advance notice of. They did an excellent job and were really nice people. 'Hulk' and Rudy if anyone is following us. The marina was just $12 a night and provided us with a secure dock, a pool, free wi-fi and cheap beer. What more do you need? We could easily have stayed here longer, but Cuba beckons and we still have a way to go.