Happy New Year!

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Fri 1 Jan 2016 03:25
We have spent a very windy two weeks on the Dutch side of St Martin, or Sint Maarten, or Saint Marteen. There and many ways of spelling it, apparently.  We have made a few technical improvements to Alia Vita on the electrical side of things, but failed to repair the radar that gave up shortly after the passage down from the states. You always have to leave something on the list for later!

First light tomorrow will see us on our way back to the British Virgin Islands and we should make it in daylight so long as we get away promptly. So, no big party in New Year's Eve for us this year, just a quiet night on the boat watching a DVD.  Sarah and Dan arrive in the BVIs on the 3rd and we are looking forward to that, so we need to make sure that we are at least there.

Alia Vita has safely carried us a long way in 2015. We spent last New Year in St Lucia and have been as far south as Trinidad and as far North as Canada; Nova Scotia to be exact. Not bad for a couple new to sailing! 2016 will see us heading west and then south around the less travelled north and western sides of the Caribbean which should prove quite an adventure. We are looking forward to a good year ahead.