Hyannis, Cape Cod

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Tue 14 Jul 2015 23:05
41:38.10N  70:15.82W

We called in to here because the wind was in the wrong direction to get to Nantucket, and we are so glad it was. We anchored in a very shallow but large bay, and we were the only yacht there. The dinghy ride to town was a long one but worth it. Hyannis is where the Kennedy's have historically had their family holiday homes, so town has many Kennedy references, statues, a memorial and a museum. 

The small harbour was delightful but lacking a dinghy dock. We chatted to a few people and eventually the harbour master showed us to a spot next to his boat where we could tie up and have a look around. Unlike Martha's Vineyard, Cuttyhunk and Nantucket (our next stop), this is mainland America so much more accessible. As a result it is more touristy, but there was a free concert going on in the small park near the harbour, and in the one near main street there was a large outdoor screen showing a free movie. All very civilised.

The only photo op was this one. See what I mean about touristy?