Highs and lows

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Mon 10 Nov 2014 15:42
25:19.93N  16.:49.10W
We had a ‘fresh’ start to the rally (it isn’t a race) with good winds and a large swell. We recorded our highest boat speed to date of 16.2 knots yesterday but we have also recorded the lowest of just over 4. When I say lowest, I mean that in any other circumstances we would have put the engine on and motored.
All is well on board as we make rather slow progress towards Cape Verde. Throughout yesterday evening and last night we could see many other yachts on the radar but we are now on our own, we have no idea where they have gone. I have a suspicion many of them are now further south than we are.  If it were a race that would read ‘in front’, but it isn’t a race of course, did I mention that this IS NOT a race?
Eating very regularly and very well, having an ex ‘home economics teacher’ on board was a good move! Just about to put the fishing line out.