Not quite there yet

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Sat 10 Jan 2015 15:33
12:27.39N 61:29.43W

Well.....still not quite made it to Grenada. We left St Lucia as planned but not before having a farewell dinner with Steve and Emma from Calista at the local Steak House the night before. It was undoubtedly the finest steak either of us had had for a long time. Really excellent and unexpected. 

We had a cracking sail south at more or less 10 knots all the way with a max speed of 12.2 and a visit from dolphins thrown in for good measure. We stopped at Bequia for the night on the way past and set sail again the day after but decided to call into Carriacou, which is just North of Grenada, for a quick look. 

Three nights later and we are still here. There is really not much here, but there is a really nice feel about the place. 'Rustic' might describe it well. We are in Tyrell Bay which is large and shallow and has just a few local bars and eateries. 

The weather still isn't great, very blustery, plenty of rain and mainly overcast. Still sat here in just a pair of shorts though. All the 'yachties'(apparently we are now 'Yachties') are friendly and chatty with invites from boat to boat for a beer a common event.  We had been invited aboard the Discovery 55 'Miss Behaving' the other afternoon for a beer when the heavens opened.  We had to scurry back to Alia Vita because we thought we had left some hatches open. We got absolutely drenched, but at least the rain is lovely and warm here.

Next stop really is Grenada, we think.