Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Mon 25 Jan 2016 23:11
18:18.20N 65:17.91W

Sarah and Dan's journey to the BVI proved to be even more painful than
I had imagined, but they did arrive albeit 24 hours late. The bonus
was that they had all of their luggage with them. Quite an achievement
for LIAT!

We had a great time with them in the BVI and they both finished off
their PADI open water accreditation whilst they were with us which was
great. We dived with circling sharks on their last two accreditation
dives which I should imagine is quite unusual to say the least. A good
time was had by all.

After they left we had a few relaxing days, replenished our stores and
headed west, briefly stopping in the US Virgin Islands to clear US
Customs and Immigration before heading to Puerto Rico and the Spanish
Virgin Islands. This is new territory for us and it is far removed
from the BVIs, much more 'rustic' and much cheaper which is great.

We will let you know how we go on.