Heading south

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Mon 24 Nov 2014 16:45
18:15.20N  40:38.38W
Last night the boat got a good wash in fresh water which is good for clearing the salt deposits that build up in the equipment. That’s a positive spin on we kept getting very wet.  We had good winds but not quite in the right direction for us, so we sailed very fast in the wrong direction.  We were headed west but more for New York than the Caribbean.  Today we have had to change our sail plan to get back down south again, so whilst we are sailing a lot slower, at least we are now headed for St Lucia but it feels like the ‘slow boat to china’. We are expecting to lose time on the other boats today.  Interestingly though, the slowest yacht is 315 miles behind us after just 5 days, the fastest is 42 ahead.
Elaine’s home baked bread was a success again at lunchtime as was having a solid strike on the fishing line. We lost the fish but kept the lure and at the moment that’s a win in these parts. Dinner is already simmering away and the boat is permeating with the aroma of Frances’s Moroccan Lamb Tagine which we will have later with lemon couscous.  Its a tough life.