Sharing a bed with a pumpkin (or two)

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Wed 12 Nov 2014 14:43
21:38.42N  019:28.99W
Another beautiful day today with good wind, blue water and clear sky and all is well on board Alia Vita.
Despite what was said previously, we discussed reaching for the ignition late yesterday evening as we were making only 3 to 4 kts in very light wind that was coming from an unfavourable direction.  At that rate we would have missed completely a tour of one of the Cape Verde islands and a crew dinner, both of which we had pre-booked and paid in advance for!  As we were discussing this, the wind picked up a bit and just in the nick of time. The engine remained silent.  We have just received the positions of all 52 yachts and see that we have slipped down the fleet considerably which is disappointing, perhaps others went through the same thought process?
Chris is sharing his cabin with the larger vegetables and seems to have struck up quite a relationship with a couple of pumpkins and a bunch of bananas. We have just had a delicious pumpkin soup but not before Chris put up a bit of fight over ‘Eileen’ the pumpkin.  We haven’t caught any fish yet, but that’s mainly because we haven’t actually put the line in the water yet.  Will do so now.