Lunenburg to Liverpool

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Wed 5 Aug 2015 00:20
44:02.66N  64:42.21W

We left Lunenburg, somewhat reluctantly, and started our journey back south. This was our first sail in thick fog, and I mean thick. We made good use of our automatic fog horn, which sounds for 5 seconds every 2 minutes. It is quite unnerving making way looking only at a radar scanner, at least at night we can see other boat's lights. In fog we see absolutely nothing. 

We anchored for a night in a beautiful, secluded bay with white sandy beaches and clear water. You could just about mistake it for the Caribbean if it weren't for the pine trees and the fact that the water was colder than the inside of our fridge!

We next moved on to Liverpool, Alia Vita's registered port (in England obviously). There were a few similarities between the two Liverpools, but it wouldn't be polite to go into those here. 

We may have anchored in a bad spot