Sunday brunch

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Sun 23 Nov 2014 18:35
17:50.97N  37:48.10W
‘Bistro Alia Vita’ served up bacon, fried egg, potato and beans with home made bread for brunch today, all very civilised. We have had one yacht pass our bow about 8 miles ahead of us and apart from that absolutely zilch.  We had a few repairs to carry out first thing as a main sheet gave way and our main winch started making horrible noises again, but both fixed now. Today we put the ship’s clock back an hour, so we are now two hours behind the UK and we have another three to lose by the time we arrive in St Lucia. We will lose two on the way and the final one on arrival.
Fishing continues to be an expensive hobby with the fish stealing lures, hooks and anything else we seem to trail behind the boat without giving themselves up, though having seen the size of the triple hook, it was lucky really that we didn’t catch the fish.  The one small tuna that Frances and I caught in September currently stands us at about £326!!  The water is steadily getting warmer and today is a definitely swimmable 27.9 degrees but then  again, having seen the size of the lures that are being taken, maybe not that enticing.