Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Sun 9 Aug 2015 00:58
​43:45.48N  65:19.60W

This is a really relaxed, chilled out place. NOTHING is happening! We are anchored in front of the local yacht club​ where everyone is really helpful and friendly. Thursday night was their race night which also means burgers and beer. We were invited to indulge, and at about £1.50 per home made, proper burger, we were very happy. We get excellent free Wi-Fi, very cheap drinks, and fantastic surroundings. We will be sorry to leave here so quickly, but we need to go when the weather dictates for our crossing to Maine. There seems to be either wind in the wrong direction or no wind at all. Either way that means burning diesel which we hate doing, but tomorrow looks like the least bad day to go for a while, so tomorrow it is. 

Shelburne Bay Yacht Club

A strange phenomena here is the colour of the water, it is very dark brown, almost black. It really is like treacle when you look at it but it isn't polluted. Apparently its the tannin from the trees that come into the bay by way of the river. Tannin is an old German word for Fir tree, and this tannin was used for staining hides into leather, hence the term tanning. 

This doesn't really show it very well, but the darkest water we have seen other than Guinness

Shelburne is our jumping off point from Novia Scotia to Maine, USA. We arrived here on Thursday and will be leaving early tomorrow morning. Here to Arcadia National Park, Maine, will take about 24 hours, so we should arrive early on Monday. 'Lily', an Amel 54 that crossed the Atlantic with us in the ARC rally, and was also on the OCC rally in New England for the July 4th celebrations, arrived on Friday which has been great. We will both leave about the same time tomorrow and we will wait for them in Maine!!