Location & laundry

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Tue 11 Nov 2014 15:06
24:05.49N  018:43.27W
We woke this morning to a beautiful sunny day. We were entertained by a pod of about ten Atlantic dolphins playing at our bow, and I say ‘about’ because they wouldn’t stay still enough for an accurate head count. Whatever they had for breakfast is what I want though.  Apparently this beautiful sunny day is also a good ‘drying’ day, so today became laundry day. The clear skies also provided a good opportunity to try to unravel the mysteries of the sextant. Chris and John spent time taking ‘noon sights’ so that our location could be established; this is on going!
The wind picked up a bit around lunch time but has now settled back to how it has been all last night, which is not enough. As this is not a race, engines are allowed and I am sure some rally participants will be motoring in these light airs. Once at our destination each skipper has to declare how many hours they have run their engines for in exchange for a time penalty. Why would there be a time penalty if this isn’t a race? Just in case anyone is wondering, no we haven’t and don’t intend running our engines
Laundry and Sextant