Three wheels on my wagon..

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Tue 10 Feb 2015 22:10
Friday was our final day of two weeks living on dry land and we didn't really like it. We are now back in the water and Alia Vita is bobbing happily as she should be. Getting her back in the water didn't go altogether as planned. The hydraulic trailer that lifts and moves our home has 4 wheels, at least it did when when we set off. It was noticed that all the wheel nuts on one wheel had come loose and had to be removed to be repaired. This was about 20m from the waters edge and on a gentle slope. The guys had to jack the trailer up, with our home on top of it, remove the wheel, do whatever they needed to do and put it back on again. Certainly another 'heart in mouth moment'.


Carnival is a huge annual event in Trinidad, and is deemed to be second only to Rio. Unfortunately we didn't know this so already had commitments to leave the week before. To get a taste we went to see the preliminaries of a costume contest before we left, and when I say 'costume', that word doesn't quite describe the engineering adequately. Below is a picture of, believe it or not, a simpler and smaller outfit of which I got a half decent photo.

We had a great sail back to Grenada on Monday and Rod and Jane arrived this morning. Frances and Jane haven't paused for breath yet but I'm sure Rod or I will be able to contribute to the conversation before their 10 days is up.  We are off to explore Grenada tomorrow.