Bequia re-visited

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Wed 18 Feb 2015 16:19
13:00.1N  61:14.515W

​I l
ove this place!  This is the kind of place you could drop your anchor and find your self still there a month or two later because you couldn't summon up the energy
​ or​
inclination to move on. There's enough going on to hold your attention, the setting is just perfect, the people are lovely and its cheap!  Sadly we could only stay one night as we had to get Rod and Jane to St Lucia to catch
​ their

​This first photo is nothing to do with Bequia. Jane is an artist and just can't resist a blank canvas​.

This next one was taken taken in the market at Port Elizabeth, Bequia. These are nutmegs and the red lattice work on the outside is the mace that just flakes off.

Here is Rod finding the waters of Admiralty bay irresistible, and who wouldn't?

In this last one you can just make out a local chap on his way up a coconut tree to get more produce for his stall below. He had just bare feet and hands and his only tool was a large knife tucked neatly down his shorts! Also bare in mind that the photo is taken from a first floor bar where we are getting a drink and some Wi-Fi, so the top and bottom are out of shot. The tree must have been about 80 feet high, similar to our mast. When I go up the mast I have a climbing harness and a second chest harness with a halyard to lift me and a second one as a safety line. Despite all that, I still struggle to let go with both hands at the same time when I'm over half way up. This guy is atop a swaying tree and holds on with just his legs, he stretches out to hold the fruit with one hand whilst cutting it off with the other. Not for the faint hearted, and that's just watching him!