Where does the time go?

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Sat 12 Dec 2015 01:48
18:20.70N 64:46.75W

Bill and Lydia left us after far too short a rest in the islands, to be replaced by Steve and Emma the following day. We had a great 10 days exploring the islands and generally chilling out. They left and the following day we were joined by Rebecca and Tim for 11 days. Following a delay in Trellis bay whilst waiting for Rebecca's errant luggage, we had a great time.  After they left we met up with our friends from Lily a few times and I went scuba diving with them a couple of times which was enjoyable, but unfortunately Frances's kit malfunctioned which stopped her from going. Fortunately we spotted that before we went!

We had a great time in the BVIs but all good things come to an end. We had been in the BVI for 30 days and our money is no longer any good apparently; we have been thrown out!  Well, not exactly thrown out, but our 30 day visas have expired so we have two options, pay about $200 to stay a bit longer, or clear out and sail 5 miles to the US Virgin Islands where it is free to clear in, and spend our money there instead. I think the BVI should re-think this shortsightedness, especially as they don't seem to have enough money to fix the roads or much else for that matter. It was a no brainer really, so we sailed the 5 miles to the USVI, did a big supermarket shop and will return to the BVI later to receive another 30 day visa for another 40 cents. Totally bonkers.