Sailing off into the sunset

Alia Vita
Rob & Frances Lythgoe
Thu 13 Nov 2014 16:06
19:53.54N 22:02.49W
Another very pleasant 24 hours spent at the mercy of the wind and waves.  Last night saw our first suicidal flying fish jump aboard and the sea temperature has finally started to rise. The flying fish are a true sign that you really are on your way and the warmer ocean accommodates them. We have been eating very well indeed but I still haven’t delivered the promised fish to chef. I have a deadline of 5pm today to deliver.
We are now just 245 miles from our landfall in the Cape Verdes but the wind direction prevents us from sailing directly there. We hope to arrive tomorrow evening and preferably in daylight, but unless the wind either picks up or changes direction I think we will arrive during the night which is not ideal, but I can think of worse things to be doing on a Friday night.
We have decided that we could get used to this!
Sailing off into the Sunset