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Date: 21 Jan 2009 00:10:49
Title: 20th January

We had the header tank removed from the engine by 0800 – not the simplest of tasks as the securing bolts are pretty inaccessible. The mating surfaces were cleaned up then came the task of removing the original cap insert. More fun but with the judicious use of a hacksaw and later some brute force it was removed without any apparent damage to the seating. A couple of hours later the seat had been cleaned and honed so that the new insert was a good fit. Then we ran into difficulties as the epoxy we had was not rated at the correct temperature, however two hours later and almost a complete circuit of the island we found the correct glue – thank heavens we had a car! The system including the new expansion tank was pre fitted to get all the correct angles then with great trepidation the epoxy was applied. This is always a worry as there is no second go available with this type of glue. Anyway the parts all fitted together well and will rest overnight for the epoxy to cure before being finally installed tomorrow. There is no doubt the new system is light years ahead of the old but our original estimate of four hours to install has ballooned out to a day and a bit. The proof of the pudding will of course be when we start the system up again which won’t be until Thursday as we need to allow all the joints to thoroughly cure first. The boat is now in a reasonable state of disarray as all the lockers with spares are open and the contents liberally spread around as we searched for bits. Whilst the header tank was off the engine we also replaced the thermostat which sits underneath it. Although the original is only a couple of years old it seemed prudent to fit the spare whilst we had access to it. We still have some ants on board and one of our tasks over the next couple of days is to find some ant traps. We think they originated in Florida and whilst we are killing them off at high speed they are still a nuisance. Helen announced today that she is having a party at her house on Friday. We will have to see how the work goes and John? off the Farr we assisted last season has also issued an invite – maybe we can get him up to Helen’s as well. Whilst glue has been going off we have also been giving the dinghy a good clean up ready for Anita’s driving lessons – she has great difficulty with the direction needed to steer the boat. Of course this is because the outboard handle goes in the opposite direction to where you want the boat to go so everything is counter-intuitive from her point of view. Adam next door said the only answer was to abandon her in the dinghy just outside the harbour and leave her to find her way to the Cat Club bar. Only question is whether I would survive the experience. Still have not got to the shops for food shopping so it’s off the David little café at the end of the quay tonight and American pork and beans out of a tin for breakfast.

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