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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sat 05 Jan 15:07 anchored in paradise 9:34.90N 78:40.40W
Fri 04 Jan 20:37 foiled! 9:31.50N 78:25.20W
Thu 03 Jan 21:52 sad to leave Cartagena 9:59.00N 76:36.10W
Dec 2018
Fri 21 Dec 12:44 safe in Cartagena 10:24.70N 75:32.60W
Thu 20 Dec 06:21 arh the memories flood back 11:06.50N 75:13.30W
Tue 18 Dec 22:43 rockin' around the columbian christmas tree
Mon 17 Dec 23:09 on the move 12:43.10N 70:22.80W
Tue 11 Dec 21:13 anchored in Aruba 12:30.60N 70:02.10W
Nov 2018
Tue 20 Nov 15:43 safe in Bonaire 12:09.30N 68:16.80W
Mon 19 Nov 20:28 still have a hitchhiker 12:42.60N 67:02.70W
Mon 19 Nov 06:00 hitchhikers 12:57.70N 65:38.90W
Sun 18 Nov 08:10 (no subject) 13:55.30N 64:02.20W
Sat 17 Nov 12:54 rolling, rolling, rolling.....rawhide! 14:55.50N 62:35.60W
Fri 16 Nov 17:20 giving it a go 16:04.90N 61:31.40W
Thu 15 Nov 15:50 more to see in Pointe Pitre 16:13.60N 61:32.00W
Thu 15 Nov 00:35 here we are in Pointe a Pitre 16:13.60N 61:32.00W
Jun 2018
Thu 14 Jun 15:27 proof of concept