Puerto de Sabrina

James Blackburn
Mon 1 Aug 2011 17:31

Monday 1 August 2011 38:43.97N         1:24.74E


Another day of sun and breeze

And Jamie steered us first to

North, through island channels,

Then south, past Isla Espardel

(Ignoring markers is his wont)

Then gave the task to Monkey who,

Obedient, tacked to Punta de la Creu.

The colour of the water mesmerized

The crew, who spent some time in

Searching how to describe it: azure,

Cyan, glacial, also crystalline,

Translucent in its depth and move-

Ment ‘gainst the white-tipped crests.  But it’s

No use.  So round the southern points

In circumnavigation,

With silhouette of ghostly Vedra,

Sunken hippo head, as guard.

Our skip was proud of sheer veloc-

Ity, with seven knots the norm

Returning on beam reach.  Anchor-drag

A problem in the windy eve,

Just off Puerto de Sabrina’s

Car park and the bus along

The street.  Four impressive schooners

And square-riggers shared the bay,

A vision of times gone.  So, we,

Aware the Balearic dream has

Almost ended, snuggled into

Bed.  This was the first of August.