Guadiana River

James Blackburn
Mon 18 Oct 2010 21:00

Monday 18 October 2010      37:13.00N    07:24.34W


Left Vilamoura 10.30, motored most of the way to the mouth of the Guadiana river, which is the border between Portugal and Spain on the Southern coast. Went up the river and anchored just above Ayamonte at 23.00. We had seen the lights of the Guadiana road bridge, but it had quite a presence when we saw it in daylight in the morning. There was wind and current, the boat turned during the night, but the anchor held, as it has every time we have used it. If you are a yottie, you may have seen a recent test where for the first time ever the venerable CQR anchor (ours is a 45lb one) didn’t do well, having beaten the opposition previously. Having re-galvanised it last winter, I ain’t about to change it. Again for the yotties, our kedge anchor and/or extra up front one is a Fortress FX37 which is of a very different design. I love anchoring, this was the first time since La Coruña. Generally more peaceful, private, and cheaper (FOC).