James Blackburn
Wed 20 Oct 2010 12:00

Wednesday 20 October 2010     36:44.46N         6:25.49W


Beautiful misty morning with hazy view across the river of Sanlucar, but the engine tried to turn over but wouldn’t start. Battery voltage was 12.4 so not as bad as it could have been. Read all Nigel Calder (boat mechanics guru) had to say, removing the alternator belt did the trick, started instantly, allowing the engine to warm up a bit and lubricate its innards. Put the belt back on and she started with no problems. However, the belt was badly and unevenly worn and the spare I had didn’t fit properly. We sailed over to Chipiona, bought two new belts, did a good shop at the supermarket which had a brilliant deli counter. Lots of ham, cheese and milanesas! Also Chipiona sherry some made with pasas (raisins). Doug had a haircut, and hunted for jeans in vain. Got ready for early departure to be in Cadiz by 13.00 Hs next day.