Valencia with Gourlays

James Blackburn
Thu 20 Oct 2011 17:31

Thursday 20 October 2011        


Arrived Valencia 09.30.  Boat in water at 13.00.  Left harbour at 17.00.  Returned to port at 17.15 – no forward power.  Gearbox controls reassembled.  Successfully left Valencia at 18.15 and headed for Tarragona.


Wind variable but on the nose.  Engine needed several trims through the night. 01.30 engine low oil pressure warning sounded – no oil on dipstick!  Oil added to engine and set off again.  02.30 engine first stopped.  Could not restart; suspect fuel problem.

Wind still variable and still from ahead.  No chance to reach Tarragona in time for Rugby World Cup Final.



James G