James Blackburn
Sat 11 Jul 2009 15:58
11 July 2009 noon 38:56.18N 034:42.44W
After the excitement of last night, it was great to have more gentle winds and sea, we all managed to dry some clothes, bedding and air the whole boat.
During the day we had many different visits from dolphins, the best one was this morning when we had about 15 swimming under the bow and jumping in front of it.
During late afternoon the wind came round to a cold northerly, this did bring the bonus of chocolate from Nigel, Jamie's brother which was so delicious and welcome,it had travelled all the way from Argentina to antigua then to Bermuda and now nearly all the way across the Atlantic
Untill early morning we had a great 20 knot wind on our beam allowing us really good progress, 7-8 knots.By noon the wind had died to less than 5 knots and we switched on the engine reluctantly, as it is only the second time we have had to use the engine to provide drive.
We now expect to reach Horta sometime between midnight and noon on Monday, which will have meant a 12 1/2 day crossing, a bit better than the 19 days we had allowed.
154.2 nm covered average speed 6.4 knots