Figueira da Foz

James Blackburn
Fri 24 Sep 2010 17:00

Friday 24 September 2010   40:08.49.70N    08:51.35.40W


The wind did turn, and we tacked downwind in glorious sunshine. Approaching Figueira da Foz, wind and waves were increasing, and there were big breakers beside the harbour entrance. Arrived 18.00 very helpful Brits from neighbouring boats took our lines. Had dinner at the Sporting Restaurant, it was packed but the food was not brilliant. Richard accidentally knocked my wine glass over and in trying to catch it knocked the bottle over (red wine). Much mopping although my jeans absorbed most of it. I swear we’d hardly drunk anything, but to crown the spectacle I knocked my coffee over and the waitress insisted in spoon feeding me the replacement one. All due to lack of land legs no doubt.