Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

James Blackburn
Sat 4 Apr 2009 16:27

4 April 2009       12:27.26N         61:29.07W


Left 07:30 light wind sailing up the western (leeward) side of Grenada until we reached the unsheltered sea beyond the island. Here you get the full trade wind, usually even stronger for the first few miles as it funnels round the top of the island. This pattern is repeated on each island, and the reverse happens as you approach the southern tip of the next one. There is also a steady east-west current, only marginally affected by the modest tides.


Sailed close to Kick ‘em Jenny, a submerged volcano, but respected the two mile exclusion zone as it rumbles every few years. Past The Sisters, aggressive-looking rocks, and an exciting sail between Rond and Caille islands. Anchored at Tyrell Bay (after a wobbly when we couldn’t find the main windlass switch), good pizza ashore, but loud music till late! 35 miles