Cape St Vincent

James Blackburn
Mon 27 Sep 2010 22:59

Monday 27 September 2010   36:59.01N   08:59.50W


Richard kindly paid the extra marina fee as we had originally planned a six hour stop. Fee for overnight stay is over €50 but how many marina offices have polished marble floors and leather sofas? We refuelled, 106 litres since La Forêt. Left Cascais at 10.00 but found the main halyard had got round the radar reflector (again). This is usually an up the mast job, but with a lot of halyard wiggling and a mouseline (I always think of posh mayo) on the end of the halyard, Richard managed to free the thing. An hour lost, but it was pleasant enough, out in the sunshine off Cascais. The wind picked up gradually as we crossed the enormous bay outside Lisbon. We rounded Cabo São Vicente at 03.00 and the tip of the Sagres peninsula soon afterwards. Quite big waves due to the shallower water. A shame to pass these spectacular points at night, but I had seen them last December with Danny and Andrew Mair while staying at Quinta do Lago with Shirley and Iain.