Doug & the Ladies arrive

James Blackburn
Sat 22 Oct 2011 22:07

Saturday 22 October 2011        


Sara Gourlay, Deborah & Douglas join the boat


Arrived in the Roman town of Tarragona – sun shining. Explored the old town waiting for Jamie & James to reach us. Discovered Vermouth! Sailors arrived 4.30pm. All weary after long day.




A day of housekeeping, fixing and an evening tour of the town in pouring rain. Much was closed, however, we saw the welcoming lights of a restaurant beckon and a delicious tapas meal was ours!




Big excitement as the engine is to be fixed today. Prior to this an expedition to buy food began with the purchase of a top of the range fishing rod. Boys haircuts followed and finally food. With the engine fixed we again returned to the town to taste the local wine. We struggled back with several varieties, all enjoyed.