La Coruña

James Blackburn
Sat 18 Sep 2010 01:30

Saturday 18 September 2010   43:22.51N    08:20.29W


Rounded Punta Mera and anchored right by the beach in Ensenada de Mera at 02.30  The anchor held well in very light conditions, but we woke to find we had anchored nearly inside a restricted swimming area! Luckily there were no hearty early bird bathers, so we motored over to La Coruña hoping to go to the Real Club Nautico, but they never answered Channel 9 and we ended up at the new Marina Coruña. We were lucky as the place is great, with very friendly & helpful staff. The Port Authority building here is spectacular, two glass boxes supported by rectangular columns.


We went for long walks in the town, over to the Ensenada de Orzan on the western side of the peninsula.  There was a great buzz in the Old City, the streets were crowded with Saturday nighters. The Torre de Hercules (oldest working lighthouse in Europe, built by the Romans) is visible from many vantage points in the city, but really only useful for sea approaches from the North and West. Wikipedia interesting on this, and Google Earth worth looking at for the shape of the Coruña peninsula.