Sancti Petri

James Blackburn
Thu 21 Oct 2010 17:30

Thursday 21 October 2010         36:23.52N         6:12.35W


At the entrance to the river mouth there is a beautiful fort at the end of a spit which covers at high tide, cutting off the fort. The whole place has a magical feel about it. We sailed up the river and were guided to a mooring by very helpful marineros from the Club Nautico who then ferried us to the shore.  The Club Nautico pontoons weren’t available as they were being removed next day for dredging of the area.  It was late by the time we were sorted out and the only restaurant open was the Asociacion de Pescadores round the corner to the left of the abandoned village.  The restaurant is in what is obviously a large old warehouse.  Fortunately they had one non-fish platter (a fabulous estofado/beef stew) given that it was Douglas’ birthday and he is a non-fish eater!  A great evening out.