Left Bermuda

James Blackburn
Tue 30 Jun 2009 13:48
30 Jun 2009 18:45 27:90.00N 64:40.60W St.Georges Harbour, Bermuda
Crew changes: Leave:    Nigel Blackburn, Julian Bacon, Ed Bacon 
                        Join:     Paul King, Carlos Perez, Douglas Blackburn 
Many thanks to my brother, Nigel, for non stop sorting and organising on the boat, and to the Bacons, father & son, for their great deckwork and 'get there faster' attitude which as a dinghy sailor I endorse wholeheartedly. I promise to improve the ropes & pulleys around the mast!
Checked weather yet again, the Azores/Bermuda High (pressure system) apparently further South this year, but still decided on northern route to Horta (Azores) in the hope of more consistent wind and less motoring. This involves heading NE out of Bermuda, turning slowly East after 2-3 days to just reach 40 degrees North, then coming slightly back down to the Azores. Nigel at last found accomodation so I decided to leave asap, at least getting through the Town Cut and out to clear sea before dark. Filling water tanks took ages (600+ litres) but diesel negligible.  
After fuelling, watering and loading supllies we departed St. Georges for our North Atlantic crossing taking the nothern route to hopefully gain better wind and current to the Azores.