Stair Rods

James Blackburn
Wed 1 Jul 2009 13:42
01 Jul 2009 noon 33:33.20N 63:33.20W
We had a quiet night after we left St George's eating dinner, stowing supplies and setting sails.
My watch finished at 3am with everything fairly quiet. I woke up at 7am with all hell breaking loose. I went above in a light top to find about 25 knots of wind and rain like stair rods, this apparently was the third weather system we had entered but by far the biggest (I'd slept through the first 2), so after having gone back below to change into more appropriate clothing. The lightning then started for a short while, the wind got up to a maximum of 40 Knot gusts, I have to say I was quite glad when we had passed through the system and calm weather followed till our noon reading.