Ceuta & Algeciras

James Blackburn
Sun 24 Oct 2010 17:30

Sunday 24 October 2010           35:53.42N         5:18.86W


Earlyish start, again motored, most of the way to Ceuta. Glassy sea with wonderful view of dolphins in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar. Lots of ships in the TSS (Traffic Separation System) off Gibraltar, the AIS (ship identification alarm) going off all the time telling us just about every one of them was going to collide with us! Jebel Musa (the other Pillar of Hercules) was to the West of us as we approached Ceuta.

Our first ‘Mediterranean’ mooring, stern first against the dock with one fixed line from the bow. We were worried about the Monkey (our self-steering gear) on the stern, but no problem although getting on and off the boat was a bit acrobatic.

Brilliant lunch in what we thought would be a touristy restaurant, but soon filled with locals out for Sunday lunch. Had lamb (knuckle) tagine, chicken couscous, salad and all sorts of starter nibbles. The sail back was fast and cousin Rhona and Charlie were picked up at 20.30 to return to Estepona. They were great company.