Ridge Wharf

James Blackburn
Tue 17 Aug 2010 13:30

17 August 2010  50:41.03N  02:05.19W


Crew: James & Deborah, Douglas, Jasper Hunt, Robbie, Tom Frost


After a year on the hard at Ridge Wharf, near Wareham, Dorset we finally launched on Tuesday 17 Aug and left at 14.30 with a good high tide. The high tide is vital as Ridge is on the river Frome which only has sufficient depth for Milano Blanco (Draught 1.55m with the centreboard up) when there is a high tide during spring tides.  Hopefully I will describe the work done at Ridge, but for now it’s the sailing. Or the lack of it: on that day as we realised that we had left a lot of kit at home with different people ferrying stuff down to the boat, and ended up at Parkstone Sailing Club’s Marina. We did have quite a sail around Poole Harbour in the evening looking for somewhere to park for the night.