Speedy Milano

James Blackburn
Wed 8 Jul 2009 20:29
08 Jul 2009 noon 39:16.9N 44:34.6W
The strong winds that were forecast started earlier than we expected reaching strengths of 35 - 40 knots, we were running downwind and averaging fantastic speeds, by the end of the afternoon our average was 9.3 knots. Fortunately the wind dropped at about 8 pm and we had a quiter night than we expected. It rained pretty much through the night.
This morning at 9ish we were greeted by a school of dolphins playing around the boat, it was great to see them swimming just under the surface, twisting and turning with such style.
The weather  for today was supposed to be a bit lighter but it turned out to be every bit as strong as yesterday except that it had shifted and we were having to reach across giant waves to hold our course.
Our best day yet with 186.7 nm achieved, An average of 7.8 Knots, and in the first 12 hours we had travelled 112.3 nm. We now anticipate arriving in Horta on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning having taken 12 or 13 days for the crossing.